Why Gyoza, why vegan?

Q: Why gyoza

A: Because I was fascinated
by Gyoza.

Founder Yoshikawa, who has been on a business trip to China for 20 years,
He has had the experience of being healed by dumplings after exhausting from business trips and eating out.
Since then, searching for gyoza on every business trip has become a lifework, and everyone at the dinner has introduced delicious gyoza.
Then, there was a discovery on the introducer side, and the fun of gyoza was transmitted to the surroundings,
and everyone's view of gyoza changed.

Understanding the history of dumplings for 1800 years, I realize that there are many things that I do not know yet and that it is deep.
Therefore, in order to organize the history of dumplings, analyze the taste, and clarify the reasons why people are attracted to dumplings,
I decided to "scroll dumplings (science)". That is the beginning of Republi9.

The pictures of dumplings make me want to eat them. Why is that? What makes dumplings attractive to people who like dumplings?
Which flour is best for gyoza? What about water? What about a frying pan? When I start thinking about it, my inquisitive mind is exhausted.
We will unravel each one.
Taka is gyoza, but gyoza. The dumplings journey has just begun.
Hey, you want to know about dumplings?
Please look forward to the future!

Q: Why vegan

A: Because the time to eat together
is very important.

Some Republi9 employees have families with children who are vegetarian.
At that home, children cannot fully enjoy the barbecue at a home party with friends and family.
So, I started to have a dumpling party where I could wrap and bake something I like.

Despite being a vegetarian vegan in one place, there are various backgrounds. People of religious reason
Some people choose vegetarian food based on ethical and moral ideas.
Each of them is respected, people are connected with dumplings without food restrictions,
If there is a table filled with delicious smiles and happy faces all over the world.

The first commemorative product of Republi9, with such a wish, is as simple as possible,
Gyoza "Tokyo Vegan dumplings" that will be used by as many people as possible.

Characteristics of taste

Contains a good balance
of vegetables,
vegetable proteins and

(*Determining whether to mention it based
on the nutritional component analysis results)

Japanese bean sprouts, onions,
and bean paste made from
high-quality soybean protein,
which is said to be the meat
of the field,are wrapped
in the thinnest wheat skin.

80% vegetables (*may be changed)
Easy to use,
it's a gyoza that can be arranged as it is,
or just about anything.

(* Recipe required, get chef's cooperation here)

It is free from leek and garlic,
and can be used by medical staff
and hospitality customers
without worrying about it.

(*Onion is used among the five roots based
on Buddhist teaching)

The natural sweetness and
richness of rice malt is used to create
a deep flavor using Tokyo sweet miso
from Hinode Miso Brewery
In order to make alcohol-free dumplings,
raw miso without any additives is
specially stocked
in the refrigerated state.

(*Purchasing is possible, problem is price)