How to grill Tokyo vegan dumplings (for 15 pieces)

Crispy with a lot of oil

burn well

I will introduce how to bake!

to your liking

Try adjusting.

Step 1

Pour a generous amount of oil onto the bottom of the frying pan and heat over medium heat.


Arrange the frozen dumplings so that they do not overlap, and bake until they are lightly browned.

Pour boiling water so that the dumplings are submerged by about 2 mm, and cover with a lid (approximate amount of boiling water is 80 cc).


Bake on medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes until all the moisture is gone (a good rule of thumb is when you hear a dry crackling sound).


Remove the lid and reduce the heat to let the steam evaporate (add a little sesame oil to enhance the flavor).


Healthy Tokyo vegan dumplings made with only vegetables.

For those who are concerned about oil, steamed gyoza is also highly recommended.