Yoshikawa's U.S. Report #8: The Emergence of Coffee Startups That Don't Use Coffee Beans

hello. This is Yoshikawa from Tokyo Vegan Gyoza.
The heatwave continues this year in most parts of California, and power supplies are being stretched to the limit. I'm worried about wildfires from now on.
Severe heat in western U.S. strains power and water resources;
As a topic related to the impact of such a headache, Atomo Coffee (established in 2019) in Seattle, USA ( https://atomocoffee.com/ ) would like to introduce

Atomo has attracted attention as a next-generation beverage startup that provides a smooth coffee experience that does not use coffee beans, and has completed approximately 7 billion yen in funding from 2019 to the present . Previously, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, which were introduced in this US report, were hamburgers without meat, but Atomo seems to think that coffee can do the same . Currently, there are three types of products sold on the website (Classic Black, Ultra Smooth, Oat Milk Latte.), which are roasted with a combination of dates, chicory root, grape skins, caffeine, etc., and are similar to coffee. I'm making fake coffee. According to the company, most of these raw materials are upcycled and will likely be wasted if Atomo doesn't use them . Atom o fights with the logic of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 93% compared to conventional coffee , using 94% less water, and not using coffee beans and deforestation . It seems that the recruitment of human resources is progressing, and I am looking forward to future developments. In fact, I also buy Atomo Coffee online and drink it in the morning and after sports, but considering the current environmental impact, about half of the coffee I consume annually is like this. I'm starting to think it's good to have a coffee .