Started selling at 6 "Miuraya" stores

Last weekend it was warm and hot. This is the time when your body and mind become lighter and more active.

This time, Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 2.0 will be on sale from March 11 (Thursday) at five Miuraya Supermarket stores that deliver "natural, safe and delicious" mainly in Tokyo and West Tokyo. I got it!

“Miuraya” website: and sales flyer

《Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 2.0 store》
Coppice Kichijoji
Shoan store
Musashi Koganei
Iidabashi Ramla store
Kunitachi store
Higashifushimi store

Tokyo Vegan Gyoza is introduced as "Miuraya Choice" on each Miuraya store's website.

If you're in the area, please come and visit us!