[Important Notice] Notice of online store change

Regarding "Tokyo Vegan Gyoza", which has been patronized by everyone, it will be sold at the online store from October 1, 2022. Red, which operates the plant-based food brand " Grino " from our company (REPUBLI9) Sales will be consigned to Yellow And Green Co., Ltd. We have been selling Tokyo Vegan Gyoza at the Grino online shop for some time, but since it was very well received by the customers of the company's online shop, we have decided to consign sales.
From October 1, 2022 onwards, we have moved the purchase site for "Tokyo Vegan Gyoza" to this site, so we appreciate your continued patronage.

Grino online shop: https://grino.life/collections/products

Tokyo Vegan Gyoza Purchase Site: https://grino.life/products/tokyo-vegan-gyoza