"Even more delicious "Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 2.0" will be on sale from December 9th.

“Even more delicious “ Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 2.0”” will be released from December 9, 2021 (Thursday).

The reason for developing “Tokyo Vegan Gyoza” is that everyone in the family wants to enjoy eating the same thing with different foods! From the thought. As of April 2020, approximately 570,000 foreigners live in Tokyo. (Reference: Statistics of Tokyo https://www.toukei.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/gaikoku/2020/ga20ff0100.pdf ) We want you to connect with people through gyoza that even people can enjoy, and experience the future with a smile around the dining table. With such a wish, we have made it vegan so that people of various cultures, customs, constitutions, and ideas can eat together.

"Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 2.0" has become a frozen raw gyoza. Just like version 1.0, it is a vegan dumpling with excellent nutritional balance made with plenty of vegetables and high-quality soy protein. The vegetables used in Tokyo Vegan Gyoza are all domestically produced, and the vegetables make up about 80% of the bean paste. In addition, since it does not use chives, garlic, chemical seasonings, or food additives, it is also used in school lunches, employee cafeterias, hotels, etc. In addition, it can be safely consumed by those who work face-to-face at hospitals and stores, and those who are concerned about raw materials.

[Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 2.0]
Contents (container): 19g x 30 grains 570g (15 pieces / 1 tray x 2 stages)
Expiration date/Temperature range: 6 months/Frozen
Price: Regular purchase 1 bag Product price 999 yen (tax included) Shipping fee 999 yen (tax included)
2 bags Product price 1,818 yen (tax included) Shipping fee 1,099 yen (tax included)
4 bags Product price 3,596 yen (tax included) Shipping fee 1,299 yen (tax included)
8 bags Product price 7,113 yen (tax included) Shipping fee 1,499 yen (tax included)

2 bags Product price 1,491 yen (tax included) Shipping fee 1,099 yen (tax included)
4 bags Product price 2,985 yen (tax included) Shipping fee 1,299 yen (tax included)
* There is no price change from 1.0 for both regular purchase and subscription

[Product Features]
◇"Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 2.0" has become raw gyoza!
◇ Vegetables and soy protein have been increased to improve the nutritional balance, realizing a satisfying eating experience. You can eat without choosing the schedule of

REPUBLI9 Co., Ltd.'s mission is to "connect families with gyoza and wrap the world with smiles". We aim to connect countries and eras.

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