Tokyo Vegan Gyoza was introduced in the August 2022 issue of BAILA

BAILA August 2022 issue (released 6/28/Shueisha) introduced Tokyo Vegan Gyoza in the food series "Gourmet Journal ".

The first half is an eating tour of the original or new wave creative style, and the second half is a matrix of ordered dumplings, among which vegetables! & We are introducing it as a refreshing system.

Gourmet Journal (page 186~)
Whether it's outside or at home, I want to see you all the time. Pan-fried gyoza heaven! This is a special feature.

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You can also see it on the trial reading page of the latest issue of BAILA. (page 188)
*You can jump to the special page by clicking "> Gourmet Journal" below the cover image.

Please take a look!