We are launching a subscription service to share the future.


The subscription service will start on January 25 (Mon.).

This is a subscription service to share an unprecedented future, created by Tokyo Vegan Gyoza with the assets of "What we can do because of Gyoza", "Science of Gyoza", and "From TOKYO to the world".

Tokyo Vegan Gyoza will go beyond the realm of food to deliver new future experiences in a variety of lifestyle areas to its subscribers.
Members will be able to experience the future of SUBSCRIBE just by eating the gyoza.

First, Tokyo Vegan Gyoza will be provided free of charge to a children's cafeteria in Shibuya Ward. Let's create a bright future for children together with Tokyo Vegan Gyoza.

We hope you will experience a new world through Tokyo Vegan Gyoza.

Benefits of joining
A gift card equivalent to your first purchase
Introduction and dissemination of information, things, and products created by Tokyo Vegan Gyoza
Collaboration projects with companies that "Tokyo Vegan Gyoza" sympathizes with
Delivery of advance experience of the future envisioned by Tokyo Vegan Gyoza
Discounts for Tokyo Vegan Gyoza

How to join
From the product detail page of the product that is eligible for the "Purchase Future Subscription", select the "Purchase Future Subscription" and the delivery frequency, and complete the purchase. Your application will be completed when you purchase an eligible product with the "Buy the Future" subscription.

Buy eligible products  

Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 2 Bags
Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 4 Bags

※ Before joining, please read Terms and Conditions.

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