Tokyo Vegan Gyoza Introduced in the Media

Republi9 Inc., the company that delivers Tokyo Vegan Gyoza, was introduced in the media. Although the articles do not introduce the product itself, they introduce our efforts as a company “from Tokyo to the World” and its background.

Republi9 Inc. was selected as one of the 12 companies that will create a new market in the field of "food tech" in the "Nikkei Cross Trend" 100 companies that will create the market of the future to save Japan under Corona.

NIKKEI xTREND "100 Companies Creating Future Markets to Save Japan under Corona" (paid article).

An interview with our CEO, Yoshinari Yoshikawa, was published in BRIDGE, a technology news media focusing on startups in Japan.

BRIDGE "Yoshinari Yoshikawa, a serial entrepreneur who has worked in Japan and the U.S., has his sights set on gyoza - post-Corona and the Tokyo Olympics”.

An interview with Yoshinari Yoshikawa, President and CEO, was published in "The Notebook to Learn to Read Financial Statements".

The Notebook to Learn to Read Financial Statements "What is the D2C x Food Tech business started by a Silicon Valley veteran entrepreneur?"

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