Tokyo Vegan Gyoza was introduced by the media.

2020.09.02 Nikkei MJ
Tokyo Vegan Gyoza was featured on the new products section of the magazine “Nikkei MJ” with a picture. We paid attention to the fact that no chives, garlic, additives and umami seasonings are used.

2020.08.04 news every.
Tokyo Vegan Gyoza is introduced in the news program "news every." of Japanese TV as one of the new restaurants to be opened by elaborating on the corona disaster.

The charm of the Tokyo Vegan Gyochu was introduced in the food trailer of the Rising Nicopic in the Large Red Cross Cross Library, as well as the chef Saito who cooks the special gyochu sauce that can only be made there.

Immediately after the TV broadcast, we received many inquiries and advance orders for the product. Thank you very much for your purchase!

2020.07.05 Japan Economic Outlook Cross Trend
Kinya Yoshikawa, President & CEO, was interviewed by the magazine ”Nikkei Cross Trend.” The story of the robot-generated gyoza of the near future, personalized according to the health conditions and preferences of individuals, as a response to the coronary epidemic and the new normal era, gives a glimpse of the potential of the company's gyoza. This is a paid article, but if you are interested in the gyoza of the future, please read this article.

Nikkei Cross Trend: "Ramen machine is the new norm, and gyoza is the new nutritional personalization through IoT" (paid article)

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