Yoshikawa's US Report 2: A vegan menu is essential at a ramen shop in California

hello. This is Yoshikawa from Tokyo Vegan Gyoza.

The bright news is that the United States, like Japan, has seen a decline in the number of new coronavirus infections.
The city of Silicon Valley, where I have been staying for about two weeks, has finally become lively.
I've been sipping ramen with business partners and friends in line with the revival of popular ramen shops that have been closed or closed.

By the way, there are two differences between Japanese ramen shops and California ramen shops.
One is the price difference. Compared to Japanese ramen, the average price is about $15 (about 1700 yen), so it's a little expensive for ramen. I can't help it because rent and labor costs are soaring. . . Second, every ramen shop has a vegan menu. Almost every ramen shop in New York has a vegan menu.
Last week and this week, I ate yuzu salt vegan ramen and vegan tantanmen with avocado, and the quality is improving year by year.

Entrance and menu of TAISHOKEN @ San Mateo ↓

Himawari @ San Mateo vegetarian menu and vegan tantanmen with avocado ↓