Yoshikawa's US report ①: Plant-based

hello. This is Yoshikawa from Tokyo Vegan Gyoza.

Due to the influence of Corona, I still have family in California, USA, so I am in the United States for a short period of time for summer vacation and work.
So, although it may be a little off the subject of dumplings, I would like to report a little about the recent state of plant-based in the United States.

For customers of Tokyo Vegan Gyoza, it may not be necessary to explain again, but plant-based is a life that "actively incorporates healthy and environmentally friendly plant-derived products." I feel that the style is being picked up more and more in the Japanese media. It is more casual and easier to work with than vegans and vegetarians, so it is spreading not only to food but also to fashion and cosmetics. We would like to introduce a little about "plant base" from California.

According to Gallup, a US research firm, Nearly one in four Americans (23%) report eating less meat in the past year than they had previously, while the vast majority (72%) say they are eating the same amount of meat. One in four people said they are eating less meat than they did in 2019. Women consume twice as much meat as men.

The biggest factor in reducing meat consumption is health concerns -- nine in 10 say it is a major (70%) or minor reason (20%) they are cutting back on meat. After health, environmental concerns are the next most prominent factor leading to reduced meat consumption -- seven in 10 say concerns about the environment are behind their avoidance of meat (49% say it is a major reason, and 21% a minor one). Majorities also say concerns about food safety (43% major, 22% minor reason) and animal welfare (41% major, 24% minor reason) cause them to eat less meat. Lesser cited reasons for avoiding meat are that it is more convenient due to other family members' eating habits (16% major, 24% minor reason) and that they see other people eating less, little or no meat (15% major, 19% minor reason). reason). Health concerns are the top reason for reducing meat consumption. Next, there were many considerations for the environment. Religious reasons are the least common reasons for reducing meat consumption.

Quoted from US research firm Gallup: https://news.gallup.com/poll/282779/nearly-one-four-cut-back-eating-meat.aspx

Many plant-based products on par with California's general supermarkets. The number is increasing year by year, from major manufacturers such as Delmonte to venture companies. (The following photo was taken by Yoshikawa in August 2021)