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We provided "Tokyo Vegan Gyoza" to 10 children's
cafeterias in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.


REPUBLI9 Inc. ( President: Kinya Yoshikawa, Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo), a company that plans and sells "Tokyo Vegan Gyoza," gyoza that connects the future, provided "Tokyo Vegan Gyoza" to 10 children's cafeterias in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

The mission of Tokyo Vegan Gyoza is to "connect families with gyoza and wrap the world with smiles," and we will continue to provide Tokyo Vegan Gyoza to children's cafeterias in order to help create a brighter future for children.

Children's Cafeteria that served "Tokyo Vegan Gyoza" this time
・Non-profit organization Yoridori Midori
・Chimo Mama's House
・Minna no Cafe Ozora
・Office Inaishi Corporation (Children's Cafeteria Executive Committee)
・Nanairo Cafe (Miki's art cafe)
・Uehara Fun Inn - Daitomo Shokudo
・Everyone's World Table
・Group Aozora
(* Order of application)


Product Summary

・Product Name Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0
・Overview These vegan gyoza are made with plenty of vegetables and high-quality protein from soybeans, which are known as the meat of the field. The vegetables that make up 80% of the filling are all domestically produced, and are free of chemical seasonings, food additives, and alcohol. Delivered frozen.
・Ingredients Vegetables (cabbage, onion, ginger), vegetable oil and fat, granular vegetable protein, molasses, starch, salt, miso, yeast extract, vegetable seasoning, spices, skin (wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, salt) (contains wheat, soybeans, sesame)
・Contents 510g (30 pieces)
・Expiration date One year after production

About Us

・Company Name REPUBLI9 Inc.
・Address Daikanyama TK Building, 2-17-16 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan